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Our Story

Who we are

Sabre Pastoral is the farming enterprise run by the Brennan family from our 800-acre property near Alexandra, Victoria.

Our family consists of husband and wife (Simon and Christina) and our teenage sons (Jack and Ryan).

It is our aim to produce the best quality grass fed beef and lamb possible.

Sabre Stud Angus Bull

Our beliefs

We operate our property along traditional, sustainable grazing methods. We breed from stud Angus bulls and Wiltshire Horn rams sourced for the best performance for our conditions. Our sheep and cattle are only fed grass, hay or silage. Our business model is based upon the production and consumption of grass by our livestock. Our supplementary feeding of hay and silage is restricted to those parts of the year where our pasture production cannot keep up to the requirements of our stock ie. During the coldest winter months or in times of drought.



Natural Herds

large feedlot

It is our firm belief that it is more natural for our animals to graze large paddocks within a herd environment. Anyone that has visited a feedlot where cattle are confined in small pens for months at a time would be shocked at the intensive nature of the system that is producing the food we eat. Cattle have little shade and are crowded into pens where they end up standing in tonnes of their own waste. The stress to animals and artificial nature of such systems is more akin to ‘battery chicken’ farming than what consumers understand traditional cattle grazing to be.





Grass Only

sabre bull & calf

No Grain

We are convinced that a ruminant cow is designed to consume green foliage and grass. The use of grain and other additives is not natural for the animal’s system, which in turn is not natural for the meat that we eat.

No HGP’s

We oppose the use of hormone growth promotants. Our cattle grow because of the grass they eat rather than steroids that add muscle and increase animal appetite. Our system is undoubtedly slower but we are sure that you will appreciate the difference.


Our animal husbandry techniques include the use of drenches that eliminate parasites and an injection that provides protection against major diseases. We consider the use of these chemicals to be a preventative step for the protection of what is our major asset – the breeding herd.

sabre cow & calf


The land is our factory and we are committed to looking after it as best we can. After many generations of farming and recent droughts our soils have been depleted from what they once were. In order to maintain our soil health we apply mineral lime and small amounts of fertiliser. As our soil quality improves it is our aim to replace all fertilisers with natural products. Extensive parts of our property have been set aside and replanted with local tree species.




Are we organic ? The short answer is not yet. The long answer is that we need to develop our soil system and also eliminate the use of a number of veterinary products to qualify for accreditation. We appreciate the benefits to our consumers that a truly organic system would offer but unfortunately within the current commercial limitations of our farm we do not qualify – Watch this space!